Police say there is "no indication race was a factor" in the case of a West Virginia man killing two black men who were walking near his house. The shooter told police he thought the victims, who were brothers, were trying to steal from him. In reality, the two men had been looking at a piece of property one had bought. » 1/28/14 1:58pm 1/28/14 1:58pm

How Richard Sherman Became America's Newest Thug

In a press conference yesterday afternoon, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman was asked if being called a "thug" bothered him. "The only reason it bothers me," he said, "is because it seems like it's the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays." » 1/23/14 10:05am 1/23/14 10:05am

Two former Fullerton, California, cops charged with killing a schizophrenic homeless man, Kelly Thomas, in 2011 were found not guilty of all charges today. Kelly Thomas' father, Ron Thomas, told the Los Angeles Times he is "stunned" by the verdict. » 1/13/14 7:24pm 1/13/14 7:24pm

Satanists Propose New Statue for Oklahoma Capitol

A New York-based Satanic church has applied to put up a statue of a Baphometic idol in the Oklahoma state capitol next to an already erected Ten Commandments monument. "The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond," Satantic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves told the… » 1/07/14 4:19pm 1/07/14 4:19pm